Children Workshop for the Arts - Volos, Greece
Professional project, 2007

Children workshop for the Arts introduces a creative and stimulating space for the children to meet, collaborate and learn. Its main functions are a lending library, art workshops and a small amphitheatre. Focus was given to the design of an energy efficient building in terms of daylight control, use of solar techniques and the right selection of local materials and fabrication techniques.

The building consists of three levels. The artistic workshops for painting, theatre and pottery are organised around the entrance hall on the ground floor. They can function as autonomous units or as one big room, when their doors open towards the main hall and thus organize various events of different scale, from workshops to exhibitions and performances.
Four solar chimneys, bearing photovoltaic panels on their edges, improve natural ventilation and levels of daylight in the interior space whilst functioning as space dividers of the library space on the first floor.
Raw concrete is used as the basic material of the bearing structure and the walls, interrupted by glass openings. A sun protection system, made with local stone slats, is used in order to achieve the required levels of daylight in the library room whilst minimizing the heat transfer during summer months. The vertical slats are placed in different densities according to the orientation of each facade and produce a stimulating visual effect.
The amphitheatre, a cinema workshop space, a canteen and a number of storage rooms which require minimum level of daylight, are placed on the underground level. A secondary entrance on this level, provides ramped access for disabled people into the building.
The yard is covered by vegetation and trees for shade, thus making the play more enjoyable during the hot summer days.

Client: Municipality of the city of Volos
Size: 726m2
Project Architect: Zissis Kotionis (Architect, Professor at the University of Thessaly)
Contributors: Ifigeneia Dilaveraki, Katerina Koutsogianni, E.Nikolopoulou, A. Platis


Ifigeneia Dilaveraki