Academic project, 2007

Plans for bestrewed fragments of a residence at the limits between land and sea in the area of 'Kala Nera" in the region of Pilio, Greece.

Along the footpath that goes through the olive groves and parallel to the coast line, there are flat areas (plazas) covered with cement.
Through carrying out the uses of a residence (e.g washing, eating, lying) in each space, the unique qualities of each plaza emerged and the suitability for each task are identified.

Modular prefabricated rooms which could be located beneath the cement plazas are designed, with openings that face the sea. These prefabricated living room, bedroom, closet and bathroom are integrated to the topography with a purpose to create residential spaces with minimal impact on the landscape.

Group project in collaboration with Katerina Koutsogianni.

Supervisor: Aristide Antonas (Architect, Professor at theUniversity of Thessaly).





Ifigeneia Dilaveraki