Villa N - Athens, Greece
Professional project, 2008-2009

Villa N is situated at the area of Kefalari, in the north suburbs of Athens. Kefalari is one of the most noted areas of the city, comprising of luxurious residences sparsely situated in nature.
The Villa lies on a site of 7000 m² and it comprises of 2500 m² of built space, divided in three levels and a rooftop. It is surrounded by a vast garden, an Olympic-size swimming pool and a concierge house.

It is a self-sustained home, equipped with the most advanced automation systems of electronics, lighting and security.
Main level
The entrance level comprises of 685m² of built space. The entrance hall leads to a 200 m² living room, ideal for big events and receptions. Close to the entrance, there is a cluster of the master bedroom and the office, 90 m² and 70 m² respectively, and a cluster of auxiliary spaces for the guests, with WC and a closet room. A 50 m² TV-room lies next to the kitchen.
Upper level
The 250m² upper level comprises of five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. It is designed with two terraces. One facing east, with a total surface of 100 m² and view to the external pool, and one facing west, with a surface of 71 m2 and view to the central entrance.
Lower level
The lower level comprises of 1550m² of leisure and entertainment spaces, sports facilities, two guestrooms as well as storage and control spaces.
Each guestroom has its own outdoor area isolated from the rest of the house. The most attractive part of the guest rooms are the waterfall walls and the ‘’green’’ walls of their atriums.
The 2900m² gardens are covered by trees and smaller plants following the nature of the nearby mountain. Magnolia trees, pine trees, arias, fruit trees, passion trees, olive grove, small and bigger shrubs are a sample of the nature of the residence. The paths are designed with stone slabs. In addition, sitting areas and kiosks are spread in these gardens.

Client: Family N
Size: 1200m2
Project Architect: Michalis Argyrou - CNI Architects
Project manager: Reggina Antonopoulou Contributors: Ifigeneia Dilaveraki, Gianna Michalopoulou






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villa N