Transformed sitting area along the mole - Volos, Greece
Academic project, 2006

The aim of the assignment is the design and manufacture of a small scale structure to be placed along the mole of the city of Volos. The structure is assigned for temporary use by the passers by.

A systematic study on the interaction of the human body with the existing space along the mole is contacted in order to translate the consequencies of these actions in spatial modifications. A cubic structure is being used as the starting point of the form finding process. Its symmetrical and rigid character disappears through a series of transformations deriving from the sequence of human body movements.

The emerging structure has an L shape and is designed to enclose a sitting area with different degrees of transformations providing freedom to the user to interact with the space and define its characteristics. The physical and visual connection with the exterior space is enhanced due to the tarnsformable character of the structure.

Group project in collaboration with Marissia Deligiorgi and Katerina Koutsogianni.

Worked on: Concept design - Schematic design - Design development - Model making




Ifigeneia Dilaveraki