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HospiTable workshop
summer workshop,2007

KAM workshop –"HospiTable: the Architecture of meetings and meeting places" at the city of Chania, Greece, organized by the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture K.A.U.

The subject pf the workshop was the connection of specific physical meeting places in the city of Chania to digital areas of cyberspace.

Inspiration for this project was a floating platform at the port of Chania. The typology of the platform, having two rows of double seats, creates nods for face-to-face communication while leaving a spacious corridor for passenger circulation.

Deriving from this, we later explored large-scale passenger boats and their meeting places such as the deck, restaurant, and living room. We obtained related ground-plans, extracted the layout of the spaces, and studied passenger flows and densities.
We then pursued a secondary reading of the space, as a system of passenger objects in transit. This reading revealed the organic and perpetually changing positions of passenger objects as compared to the strict layout of the build-in elements. This organic character is indicative of the informality of the spaces and the nature of social interactions and behaviours while in transit.

Group project with Katerina Koutsogianni.





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