Holiday house - Elben,Germany
Professional project, 2013

Preliminary design for a holiday house in Germany.

The plot is at the edge of a hill with a view to the forest area of Elben. The calm and natural environment of the area makes it an ideal place for isolation and relaxation. The desire of the client was to create a small 'tower' house in order to capture the view to the surrounding area. She would like to create a library space where she can enjoy reading during her holidays.

A 90m2 house is being designed in 3 levels in order to host the client and her family or friends. The main element of the house becomes a high library wall which extends to the ground and 1st level of the house. This wall carries the elevation points - staircases while divides the space into several functions.

By taking advantage of the natural ground slope, a small 'amphitheatre' is being designed in the interior, which allows people to sit and read, gather, relax or even sleep. At the end of the stairs, the dining room is being placed with access to the yard. On the other side of the wall, there is the kithen, closely connected to the dining room. On the 1st level, a more quiet sitting area is created with a view to the forest. Part of the floor is open which allows the view to the ground level and the 'amphitheatre'. A bedroom is located on the west side of the 1st level with a long narrow opening (like a telescope) connected to the south wall. The attic hosts two bedrooms, the bathroom and a sitting area with a direction to the west. When sitting there you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Referring to the materiality of the house, the idea is to use two main local materials; wood and slate. A timber frame structure will be created and slate plates will be used to create a continuous surface, extended from the roof down to the exposed facades of the upper levels. Timber cladding will be used on the facades of the ground floor.

Project at Loehmann's architecture

Worked on: Concept design - Schematic design - Model making








Ifigeneia Dilaveraki