Seed bank at cement quarry - Volos, Greece
Diploma thesis, 2008

The quarry of AGET HERACLES is the site chosen following research among spaces with a particular morphological character. We searched for places showing vigorous contrast: hypsometric interchanges, interchanges of natural elements (land, water), alteration between internal and external and the co-existence of artificial and natural ground.

The function of the AGET factory is going to be discontinued due to the environmental aggravation that causes to the surrounding area. The quarry and its establishment are on a search for a new function and connection with the landscape.

The creation of a new local net of exchange and preservation of traditional plant variations is suggested, aiming at preserving the bio-variations of the land of Thessaly. This net is formed of units of cultivation growing along the steps of the quarry and a building foundation - Seed Bank - incorporating a research centre and researchers' lodging units as well as providing information to visitors.
The circulation within the buildings is attained through platforms around a longitudinal quarry face which bounds the development of spaces -below and above ground level.

The ventilation and lighting of the underground spaces is achieved through the use of solar chimneys and underground ventilation tubes that provide fresh air inside the building.

The circulation within the quarry and the access to the steps is achieved through the formation of a road and the use of platforms.
The road runs through a patch of cultivation that leads to a small wall which bounds two widened water pools, while a third one lays on a lower step of the quarry.

Group project in collaboration with Katerina Koutsogianni.

Zisis Kotionis (Architect, Professor at the University of Thessaly).
Aris Tsagrasoulis (Environmental physicist, Professor at the University of Thessaly).




Ifigeneia Dilaveraki