NEW Hotel - Campanas workshop in Athens
Professional project, 2008

Campanas’ workshop in Athens was part of the renovation process of Olympic Palace (built in 1958 in Athens) and the birth of New Hotel.
The workshop group, formed by graduate architecture students and designers from the University of Thessaly, worked on furniture design, producing samples and prototypes whilst exploring methods and techniques associated with the style of Brazilian designers Fernando and Huberto Campana: reusing and reinterpreting local material and culture.

Dear Guest,

We are happy to welcome you to the New Athens Hotel, our debut project in architecture and large-scale interior design. There is a story behind this project that is worth telling.
When we were invited to take on the challenge, we refused at first. We didn’t want to create another boutique or design hotel. However, upon seeing the potential of the space and the freedom of creation we were being given, we realized that it was too good an opportunity to miss.
We decided to work as we do in our studio, using a laboratorial approach. We put together a school inside the old hotel that was named Campanas’ Workshop in Athens. As guest-invaders, we requested this group of young architects to feed us with inputs on local modern culture, to play with the idea of transforming classic and folk references in a contemporary way, and somehow be our eyes and guides in creating a hotel that spoke locally but with a universal resonance.
This being our first project of this nature, we tried to give our most humble and honest performance, and our vision could only be applied with the generosity and forward thinking of Dakis Joannou.
We hope you will enjoy your stay!
With best regards

Fernando and Humberto Campana

Client: Dakis Ioannou (owner of YES! Hotels)
Project Architect: 3SK architecture
Project Designer: Estudio Campana
Contributors: The Campana Brothers Workshop in Athens




Ifigeneia Dilaveraki