Prototyping studio Bucky Lab
Academic project - TU Delft, 2010

The correlative substances of concept, design, material and production techniques are researched during this course of Building Technology. The aim of the assignment was the design of a low cost - easy to be assembled fa├žade for the office space of the BT lab at the department of Civil Engineering.

The matter of visibility determined the design approach of the proposed facade. The aim was to transmute the absolute unilateral connectivity between Kees - the lab officer and the students, caused by the rigid, flat geometry of the existing facade into a friendlier, harmonious and yet stimulating space.
The shop drawings of the selected design were to be developed by the students who were organised in four groups responsible for each of the main elements of the office design: ceiling, curved wall, podium, and glass door. I was a member of the ceiling design group commissioned to design the inner ceiling with integrated lighting system and a wooden ceiling frame for the support of the heavy glass door and the curved wall. The proposed ceiling was constructed based on a conventional method; metal hungers drilled in the concrete ceiling were used to hung a spatial grid consisted of T metal profiles on which plasterboards were rested.
The realization of the design in scale 1:1 was achieved by using different production techniques (milling, welding, lathing) in order to deform, join and connect the various materials (wood, steel, PVC).

Client: TU Delft
Size: 20m2
Supervisor: Ir. Peter van Swieten
Project designers: Building Technology Studio, MSc2


Ifigeneia Dilaveraki