Best Kees - A stimulating facade
Academic project, 2009

Facade scenario, for the office room that will be manufactured and built at the BT lab of Civil Engineering, TU Delft.

Groups of two propose design solutions for the facade scenario.

The matter of visibility determined the design approach of the proposed facade. The aim was to transmute the absolute unilateral connectivity between the lab officer and the students, caused by the rigid, flat geometry of the existing facade into a friendlier, harmonious and yet stimulating space.

A freely shaped organic structure
is proposed, with a friendly, rhythmical and playful character.

A double latered pattern facade is created based on the alteration of transparent and solid triangular panels.

Because of the double layered structure, acoustical and thermal performance of the envelope is improved; moreover the cavity between the two skins may be either naturally or mechanically ventilated.

Group project in collaboration with Despoina Papadopoulou.

Ifigeneia Dilaveraki