Athens x4:Urban scaffolds - Athens
Competition entry, 2010

Athens x4 is a competition organised by The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change in collaboration with the Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens with the purpose to seek out proposals for the urban cell; the city block. The latter is related to crucial issues like circulation, urban micro-climate, privacy, public space and image/aesthetics.

The participants could choose freely 4 adjacent blocks of the city and were asked to address the problems of density, lack of green/open spaces and to submit innovative proposals for their transformation with the optimum utilisation of the crossroad (x) that divides them. The proposals would have to embody qualities of an abstract framework that would allow for repetition in similar urban contexts.
Our proposal focused on addressing the issues present in modern Greek urban landscapes, while maintaining and enriching it's diversity. This vision was manifested into a single, uniform, multipurpose urban element that traverses the urban landscape within the area of the selected blocks. The element transforms itself along it's course to cater for multiple needs and create spaces of diverse identities; Starting as a shading element for the higher floors of apartment buildings, moving on to become a semi-transparent curtain between facing apartments, climbing over low-rise buildings to organise new public spaces on their terraces and fading out to a light, almost invisible steel frame before disappearing completely.
Apart from organising new public spaces and addressing some of the city block's inherent disadvantages, the proposed organising element gives an identity to the specific city area through the provision of a unified visual reference to the neighbourhood.

Client: Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens
Design team: Giannis Chatzikonstantinou, Ifigeneia Dilaveraki, Menelaos Kokkinos, Despoina Papadopoulou




Ifigeneia Dilaveraki