Ifigeneia Dilaveraki                     

Nea Anchialos national airport - Volos, Greece
Academic project, 2005


The challenge of this project is to consider the complex function of an airport and create a clear and dynamic space that facilitates the day of a traveller. Through a systematic recording of the programmatic requirements, circulation and crowd density diagrams, the emerging space is organized in three volumes highly connected to each other. The two main volumes host the departures and the arrivals while the intermediate space is mainly used for the train transportation of the people to the airport and as a circulation area for the transit passengers.

The two main volumes of the airport are U-shaped reinforced concrete structures with glass exterior fa├žade that allows daylight to enter the space and strengthen the connection between the inner and outer space. Triangular glass panels in different angles are used to create the roof of the middle part of the building in order to achieve high levels of daylight in that space as well and create a comfortable and pleasant environment for the travellers.

Group project in collaboration with Marissia Deligiorgi and Katerina Koutsogianni.