Ifigeneia Dilaveraki                     

Kantine XL, Utrecht
Professional project,2012

Kantine XL is the restaurant of Vechtclub Xl, a creative workspace for young entrepreneurs, located in a former warehouse in Utrecht.  Kantine XL can also be used as a space for exhibitions, presentations or parties in several occasions. Reused and natural building materials were used for the construction of the restaurant and the studios of Vechtclub XL.

The restaurant is run by the owners of Vechtclub XL with the aim to rent the space to specialized entrepreneurs in the near future. For that reason, a flexible space was designed to undergone future transformation and host a variety of events.
The seating area is placed in the brighter area of the restaurant, taking advantage of the north light entering the space through the ceiling windows and the south façade which enables the view to the exterior space. The kitchen facilities and a small bar are organised under the two meeting /presentation rooms of the upper floor. An elevated wooden platform is created along the one side of the restaurant which can be used either as a seating area or as a podium for presentations and various performances.

The grayish and moody atmosphere of the existing space is transformed to a colourful one by using wooden elements and second hand doors in various textures and colours for the production of separating walls and furniture

Project at Stortplaats van dromen

Design: Ifigeneia Dilaveraki,Rikkert Paauw, Bas Slager

Client: Vechtclub XL
Size: 270m2
Project Designers: Ifigeneia Dilaveraki,Rikkert Paauw - Stortplaats van dromen
Contributors: Bas Slager

Stortpaats van dromen is a design/construction studio with a focus on the use of second-hand and natural building materials.