Ifigeneia Dilaveraki                     

Community Hall 'in progress', Csórompuszta-Hungary
Hello Wood workshop,2015

Community work ‘in progress’ could function as the starting point for the creation of a village, being itself the outcome of a design process that involves participation and interaction between its users. The worskop space can slowly form the community house of the village and host a variety of social events and activities.

Community work ‘in progress’ embraces contextual and constructional modularity and co-creation processes to strengthen the receptiveness of rural societies. We opt for architecture that is open to the flow of people and activities, in order to reinforce the self sufficiency and
progress of communities.

It is a neighborhood workshop space acting as a centre for exchanging knowledge and experimenting on new
types of community living-working settlements. It is a space that possesses the necessary conditions to host the long-term by being open to the temporary.

The structure is modular and transformable in a way that future users can enrich the system when they need to and plug-in new modules giving them a sense of ownership of the space they occupy.

It’s not a finished project, on the contrary, it’s a community space ‘in progress’. This is the first step of a research project that could be possibly developed during the next 2 years of Hello Wood ‘Project Village’.


Organiser: Hello Wood
Size: 65m2
Project Architects: Ifigeneia Dilaveraki, Rikkert Paauw)
Team: Román Ledesma, Aye Shaires,Bartsz Zabiega, Eva Liisa
Kubinyi, Jyothi Pillay, Thiago Flores, Lena Bretenborn, Árpád Tóth






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