Glitch Harp for the Orpheus of 21st century
Sound installation, 2010

Design of the sound istallation - Glitch Harp for the DEDE art exhibition held in Aigio, Greece.

Glitch harp is a metal constructed instrument that uses 30 guitar strings to produce sound. Sensors attached to the instrument feed the produced sounds to a computer where glitch modulation is applied. The sound is then distributed to a quadrophonic speaker system that surrounds the instrument and its player.


Height: 1.90m/ Length: 2.35m/ Width: 1.15m

Technical details:

4 contact microphones of 3.5cm diameter/ 30 acoustic guitar strings 34-52mm Elixir, EXP/ Sound card: Hercules MKII/ Speakers: Logitech Z5500

Group project in collaboration with fetapapa.

Worked on: Conceptual Design - Design development




Glitch Harp for the Orpheus of the 21st century from Ifigeneia Dilaveraki on

Ifigeneia Dilaveraki